Welcome to Meadowbank Clinic

Welcome to the Meadowbank Clinic website. Meadowbank Clinic, based in Edinburgh, is a sports, remedial therapy and lymphatic drainage clinic. Please enjoy our website which provides information on the range of services that we provide as well as information on our therapists.

Meadowbank clinic from the street

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:

Why choose Meadowbank Clinic?

Come to Meadowbank Clinic to benefit from treatment with one of our therapists who collectively have more than 100 years experience and are fully insured

We have experience in treating professional as well as amateur sports persons, pre and post operative soft tissue conditions. as well as day to day muscle strains and sprains.

Margaret Taylor the clinic’s MLD therapist, specialises in treating patients with primary and secondary Lymphodema and Lipoedema using Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Vodder Technique). This also treats swollen legs and post operative swelling after liposuction and plastic surgery.

We also have free parking outside!

What treatments do we provide?

We provide a range of treatments to keep you as healthy as possible. The treatments we offer are outlined below, however, if you want more information, please see our treatments page, or click on one of the treatments below.